Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you take Styrofoam?

-No, at this time we do not take any styrofoam materials.

Do you have a pickup service?

We do not have a curbside pickup service, all recycled material must be dropped off at our Marx St. location.

Do you take trash?

We are a recycling facility and unable to accept any kind of trash or food compostable items. 

Do I need to sort/clean my materials prior to coming?

Yes, it makes it easier and more efficient for us to serve you.

Do i need to identification to sell materials?

Yes, a valid government issued identification is needed to sell material each time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Do you take refrigerators?

Yes, but refrigerators must be evacuated by a EPA certified technician prior to coming to Columbia Recycling PDX in accordance to federal law.

Do you take Televisions and monitors?

Yes, there is however a disposal fee.